February 1st

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Minutes from January 24, 2023 were reviewed and approved


-DESSA assesses 8 social emotional competencies; documents students strengths and student needs; measures students social abilities

-T-Score: score of 60 or above-have social/emotional strengths

-T-Score: 41-51 students show a typical amount of positive behavior

-T-Score of 40 or below-students show a greater need for additional supports

 DESSA-SEL Fall 2022 Chart 

-As a grade: there is no grade that shows an average score of  below that typical range

-We need to look at the specific students that are in need of that instruction

-teachers are beginning to look at the DESSA data and created plans for specific students

 DESSA-SEL Fall 2022 5th Boys Chart 

-Parent, M. Manzueta, asked what is the protocol for students having emotional support?

Based on DESSA data, students are receiving support

If a parent ever expresses concerns for a child, the school will take immediate action

Constant communication with the classroom teacher

Specialists will meet with classroom teacher to discuss what we can do to support that child; possible at risk counseling

S. Bell shared they are identifying who needs support as well

 DESSA-SEL Fall 2022 Grades 2-4 Chart 

 DESSA-SEL Fall 2022 Grades K-1 Chart 

Mind Up

-SEL Program that PS 108k is involved in; opportunity from the UFT; program spearheaded from Goldie Hawn

-A meeting is being held this Thursday

-Teachers were introduced to it on Chancellor’s Day, a virtual kickoff was held with staff, individual teachers have created their own Mind Up accounts and completed the Module 1 training; teacher guides are being distributed

CEP Updates Based on Data

CEP Math Goal:

Updated from a 4% increase to a 6% range to show that 66% of students will reach a level 3 or 4 on the post module assessments

-Progress Monitoring has been completed for each goal of the CEP

-Math has added Eureka Math Squared

-The next Progress Monitoring is due March 3, 2023

-At least one meeting will be held for each committee before the March deadline; will have notes and share out at an  upcoming SLT meeting

MSA School Visits

 MSA School Visits 

Budget Update

-As children are evaluated; sometimes students placements change

-A Kindergarten ICT classroom was opened up; a new special education teacher was hired

-Certain students require a paraprofessional for different reasons; one paraprofessional that was working with Pre-K will continue to work with J. Castellano

-We were able to hire some of our substitute paraprofessionals

 Budget Update 

-Reviewed budget allocations with the team

Title 1 Purchases:

-Family Empowerment workshops have been purchased

-School Messenger was purchased again as well

School Website

-Would like to purchase a tool to assist with the school website

-School website needs to be accessible for everyone

-Currently managed by Wordpress

-Would like to purchase EChalk

-Each school is rated 4 times a school year; needs to be monitored once a month

-Consensus was reached to purchase ECHALK

Community Task Force Agenda:

CEP Teams

Family Friday January Feedback

February Family Friday Project Ideas

Upcoming Student Government  Initiatives

Wellness Committee SubCommittees:

Community Resources to Come Into the Building

 CEP Committee members 

-Parent, A. Suarez, shared that it was fantastic; teacher shared the final product; it was very simple, straightforward with a great message; one of my favorites so far

-L. Kixmiller shared that the focus will be on Black History Month; has some ideas but would like everyone to come to the next meeting with some suggestions

Consensus was reached on focus

Would students like to promote the Bookfair?

Possibly promoting on Instagram and posters around the school building; announcements on the loudspeaker

Emblem Health has committed to attending Winter Resource Fair

Dental team will also attend the Winter Resource Fair to promote their new resources

Upcoming tax prep workshop

Next Meetings

Next meeting:

Tuesday , February 7

District Data by Subgroups

February Family Friday Ideas around Black History Month

PBIS Update

CEP Subcommittees Share Out