November 30th

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November 30, 2022.PDF

Minutes Discussion
Data:  BOY Eureka Math

 Total school BOY assessment results 

BOY Eureka math assessment consists of both previously taught standards (spiral, previous grade) and and standards not already taughttotal average is 41.9%Notice:most of the school is level 1 and 2big gap between the ELLs and the rest of the schoolELLs at 27%SWDs at 36.9%

 Grade 5 BOY data chart 

Notice:ELLs are closer to SWDs (ELLs 25%, SWDs 26.1%)Classes are similar within their percentagesmost of the standards are purple which indicates below grade level

 Grade 4 BOY results data graph 

Notice:The gap between ELLs and SWDs are closer34% is the total averagemore variety of colors of standards to demonstrate levels 1, 2, 3, and 4s for 3rd grade standards

 Grade 3 BOY results data graph 

Notice:Average is higher than the school averagethe ELLs are higher than the SWDsthe entirety of the grade is highershowing more strength in standards previously taught than in other grades

 Grade 2 BOY results data graph 

Notice:above the schools averagesubgroups higher as wellorange in standards from first grade for one classELLs are higher than the SWDs

 Grade 1 BOY results data graph 

Notice:Closer to the schools averageELLs are slightly above the SWDs1, 2, 3 are following the same trend of ELLs being higher than SWDsTwo classes are in 40s and two classes are in the 30sSC class is lower want to see less of a gap between other classesK standards have more variety of colors (pink, orange, green, purple)Need to recognize the students that can not add and subtract fluently within 5 since that is a foundational skill

 Grade K BOY results data graph 

Notice:3 classes in the 50s%2 classes are below that markin K and 1 test is read to the studentsK and 1 is off to a good start

CEP Progress Monitoring Tool iPlanNovember is progress monitoring time Progress report toolNext session go into groups and begin identifying is we are on track to make our progressOur target is 61%: Are we on track? Not on track? Almost on track? Data has to support our choice Add the the data Describe key strategies that positively impacted the schools ability to achieve the desired results Delay with administering the data Superintendent is aware about data since Literably has not yet been approved C. Hahn is into looking other tools that could be used to monitor students progressAdd what we know without data  
Superintendent’s Visit -Impressed with the students work and what they were doing in the classroom -Able to state goals and explain how they were going to get there-Returning next week with the district office 
Community Task Force Meeting:Analyze lowest area of Assets and Needs Assessment
Student Government Initiatives
Roar Bucks Store
Fall Festival Feedback
Family Friday Feedback
Roar buck storeStudents look forward to buying itemsStore across the street will have healthy snacks which they will be able to use their roar bucksAmaya: Liked that idea
Student Government Amaya:  Discussed Toy Drive Initiative Creating and putting up posters around school for new toys  Students will wrap the presents Toys needs to be new and unwrapped
Collaborated with the Sunshine Committee to boost attendance for the schol: schedule of the dress up daysSchedule is posted on the pd calendar Nathaniel Melendez – He thinks everything looks amazing Students were able to improve upon last years   
Wellness Committee Nutrition Breakfast First grade 
Wellness Committee will continue to  host Breakfast Fair:Grade 2nd and 3rd grade is this Friday Flyers will be passed out 
Friday, December 9, 2022  is 4th and 5th Grade breakfast 
Resource fair  the Friday after that bringing in other resources in from other places throughout the community  
Healthy Heroes Committee common threads – students will learn how to make healthy snacksparent workshop and will meet and help budget and shop healthier Brooklyn Nets to work with students in Basketball 
The Lighthouse Collaborative :Staff members with study other schools on literacy practices you can be a school that learns but you can also be a school that shares across district How to close the gapThere is an application that will need to be completed
Nathaniel: What will be addressed: reading or math? students have the potential to reach it.  Anclin: thinks it is a great idea. There was a consensus reached to apply for this opportunity.Will attempt the application today
Eureka Math Squared  Survey is will be handed out Eureka math squared will not being done until January Shared and inclusive curriculum Staff members will receive training starting next week 
Fall FestivalJ. Depasquale:  brings everyone together Teachers and students have the opportunity to see other students
Mia Sanchezlikes  the opportunity 
Problem in 5th  grade Nathaniel:  Students were eating the candy corn for the candy corn game It was the racing activity; will need to be closely monitored during the next festival
Next Meeting Dec 6th: Community Task Force Meeting