October 19th

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October 19, 2022.PDF

Minutes -Minutes from October 11, 2022 meeting reviewed and approved
Data: 2022 NYS Assessments vs NWEA Spring 2022

 Spring ELA 2022 rate of accuracy chart 

-Is the NWEA accurate in predicting the NYS Assessment?Next step: Which students were over projected/underprojected?-43% of 5th graders scores were predicted accurately for the NYS Assessment-A column will be added to the left stating the total number of students tested

 2022 NYS Assessments vs NWEA Spring 2022 data chart 

Next Step: -Of those level 1s; 18 matched correctly; but of the other students they were underprojected-State assessment is still paper and pencil and NWEA is digitally given-Clarifying questions were asked about the reading of the charts-Is NWEA or Fountas and Pinnell a better predictor?

2022 NWEA Data 

 2022 NWEA Data chart 

-53% of 5th grades level 1-3rd Grade Data is not adding up correctly-More than half the 5th grade is level 1-4th grade larger percentage of level 2s than 1s

ELA and Math Focus in Grades 3-4 for NYS ELA and Math

 Grade 3, 4,5 ELA grade focus infographic 

-Embedding these focus areas into their Fluency & Comprehension Tasks and researching new strategies 

 Grade focus 3,4,5 for Math infographic 

-Next step: Teacher teams will be zoning in to specific children and looking at NWEA; which students were identified as a level 1 and 2; Winter assessment will tell us if they made the predicted progress

Parent Teacher Conferences Virtual ConferenceNovember 3rd4:30-7:30 or 5-8:00PM
C-30 on October 24, 2022 Level 1 will take place on Monday, October 24
Mind Up

-UFTTC initiative; SEL Curriculum-

 Mind Up infographic 

Big Apple Winner -J. Nunez attended Conference yesterday; Chancellor was present-Monthly meetings will take place-Chancellor stated that each Big Apple Award winner will be visited to serve as models for other educators in the city
Picture Day -Email was sent out-Schedule went out to the staff-October 24-26th-C Santiago shared that the staff photo will be taken on Tuesday morning or during the afternoon
Sub Committee:Community Task Force PS 108K Placemat:Vision Statement:Student government member, Nathaniel, likes the mission statement; feels it is true
Focus Priority:Student government members, Mia and Jeremy, agree that rubrics help them learn and are always using the success criteria with everything they do
Instructional Focus:Student government member, Jeremy and Nathaniel, agree that they are having discussions with their classmates to provide feedback and improve student work
Equity Statement:-reached consensus to remain the same
Mission Statement:reached consensus to remain the same
Operationalizing our PS 108K Statements:-Shared the work that has been completed during the Extended ILT -Student government wanted to add to the operationalizing of the Mission Statement; they will review at their meeting this afternoon and make additions to the documents
Family Friday- September:-Student, Nathaniel, really enjoyed it; it was a great way for the students to express themselves
Sub Committee:Wellness Committee

-This is a  group that will be focusing on the well being of the PS 108K Community-Will work in sub committees to address the priorities from the Assets & Needs Survey-Each member should think about which sub committee you will want to serve on and how to recruit peers to join the committees as well

 Wellness committee infographic 

-Vision Screening: WIll take place this week

Next Meeting Next Meeting:Agenda: 2022 NWEA ELA DataFamily Friday for October