September 22nd

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September 30, 2022.PDF

Minutes Reviewed and approved minutes from September 20, 2023 meeting

ARPA Arts Funding

Arts and Enrichment
Can be used before or Afterschool; field trips, per session for before/after school

Which company would we want to choose:
TADA, Musical IQ, chess club, or other companies

Will bring ideas to future meeting

Family Friday, September 29, 2023 Will be curriculum based; be a part of that learning with their child
Parent, Mayrobi gave a thumbs up
9:00AM Title I Annual Meeting
9:30AM-10:00AM Visits to the Classroom
10:00AM-10:30AM Kindergarten & 1st Grade FUNdations Workshops
Review Updated Statements 

Several Statements were updated by the Extended ILT
Focus Priority Statement:

To create a learner-centered environment where all teachers plan opportunities for each student to use content-based rubrics or success criteria so they take ownership of their learning through self-monitoring & choosing strategies that work best for them. This will lead to improved student outcomes where educators will embed UDL, differentiation, SDI, enrichment, and cultural relevance, as appropriate in daily instruction.
Consensus was reached to these changes

Dads Take Your Child to School Day

Parent, A Suarez, shared her children loved the red carpet; husband doesn't usually get a chance to take the kids to school
Parent, L. Tejada; husband wasn't able to make it because of short notification; wasn't able to take the day off with such short notice; maybe notice can be given a week ahead of time
R. Amadeo some teachers and parents/guardians mentioned that Class DOJO has been experiencing some issues with a day or two of a delay
Parent, J. Morel:

C. Hahn: We apologize for the short notice and going forward we will make changes and look up Dads Take Your Child to School Day for 2024 to add to our September calendar so that parents have time to plan ahead.

Previously: there were more activities in the past; activities and events in the school yard; after those previous events feedback was to reduce the amount of time out of the classroom. Parents on SLT now, would you want your child to be out of the classroom for 45 minutes to participate in an activity with your child?

Parent, Mayrobi shared that she felt it was okay to have a period away from learning to motivate the students and bring more excitement for them to go to school; its important to spend the time with their dad before the school day; It will excited them to share what they did at school; we will lose a period but gain so much more

Consensus was reached to extend the time in the future

C. Hahn: Possibly divide it up over two or three days to accommodate our schools large population; after the event outside they could come in with their child and participate in classroom learning for the morning; providing coffee and bagels

Lea: Many fathers were wanting to come into the building so moving forward it would be greatly appreciated

C. Hahn: We would add multiple photo stations; parents with multiple children would have the opportunity to visit multiple classrooms

Consensus reached to these changes in the future

Meeting Dates

20, 22

3, 11, 17, 24

14, 21, 28

5, 12, 19

9, 23, 30

6, 13, 27

5, 12, 19, 26

2, 9, 16

14, 21, 28

4, 11

Consensus was reached on meeting dates; will add meetings as necessary

Next Meeting  Next Meeting will be held on October 3, 2023
Family Friday Feedback