December 16th

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December 16, 2022.PDF

Minutes Minutes from December 6, 2022 were reviewed and approved
Eureka Math Module 1Grade 1Grade K
Fountas & Pinnell Total SchoolCEP Goals – Evaluate Progress

Add to Agenda: Training with Eureka Math Squared Visit from PS345 and PS938School Events with R. Amadeo and L. Kixmiller for 12/16/2022
Reminder to add name to Attendance
Meeting Notes: Training with Eureka Math2 – J. Rini Jessica Jeffers – Coach Knowledgeable on system Introduction to new aspects from original Eureka Math Effective training, better than the first training the week before
Unanimous decisions to try out Eureka Math2 Fluency connection to all components strengthens the math lessons Principal Hahn:      –     First school in D19 to use it       –     Teachers input/suggestions were shared and taken into consideration for preparation of this new             program Negotiation with the company so all other schools can come on board Training Thursday and Friday, implementation begins in January/February
Analyze F&P data: September

 September 2022 progress monitoring chart 

September 2022Total school average: Level H 

 December 2022 school data averages 

December 2022Total school average: I
Second grade is struggling to reach level 3’s/4’s (It’s a trend)Principal Hahn: Our class size is smaller for 2nd grade.  -Math/Reading levels were low from the previous school year; so we made a decision to keep class size small.  They’ve increased F&P level from a F up to a G.  We made one level of growth showing movement.  First grade average is a level D, they are doing well at 61.2% level 3’s/4’s are up from 53.6% in September.
Grades 5,4,and 3 are on the 50 percent mark, close to reaching that 60 percent markGrade 3 is in the 60 percent mark LLI is supporting movementOverall school gained at least 6-7 %Goals met in ELA 

 December 2022 grade 5 data graph 
Grade 5 Noticings: Rini- almost 60% of the grade are level 4’s.  More 4’s than 3’s100% ELL’s are level 1’s (During teacher team meetings talk about how to improve student levels)Most classes are above 60% level 3’s/4’s

 December 2022 grade 4 progress data graph 

Grade 4 Noticings:-All Dual language classes are at 21%- there was more variety shown in 5th grade-One class has almost 100% level 3 and 4 – Two classes lost 3’s and 4’s (We will take a look at individual students.)

   December 2022 grade 2 progress data 

Grade 3 Noticings:(Parent A. Suarez stated)-Overall grade is at 59%-ELL’s have a majority of level 1’s -Level 3’s and 4’s are similar to the levels in 4th grade 

 december 2022 grade 2 progress graph 

Grade 2 Noticings: (Parent)-Overall students are below the other grades-One class has higher amounts of 3’s and 4’s -Students are making gains but not at the 3 and 4 level-We knew the classes were lower coming in; though most classes are moving up
 December 2022 grade 1 progress data 

Grade 1 Noticings:-All classes are very similar-The dual language class is closer to the other classes, haven’t seen that in the other grades -Progress is being shown 


 December 2022 Grade K progress data 
Kindergarten Noticings:-K comes in as non readers, so A is on grade level-Dual language not that far behind the grade average for level 3’s/4’s


Eureka module 1 grade 1 class data

-We met the November goal for ELA based on this data. 2 classes in 70% range 2 classes in the 60% range SWD’s are higher  than the ELL’s, but gap is not that large 


 Module and assessment results by grade 

-Jen made a chart to organize the CEP goals -for November we met our math goal -We are on track.
AGENDA:Thursday the 18th will be Family Friday; classes will each make about 2-5 snow globes. Pictures on small cards and students create shapes to cut out and write messages on, and place inside snow globes. 
Winter wonderland – December 23rd 
District 19 Visit:Principal Hahn -PS 345 and PS 938-One group focus was  special ed in self contained classes and ICT -Other school focused on literacy and what we do to move students using LLI and how teacher teams analyze student work and based it on analysis.  -What are the implications for instruction-Shout out to Jodi – she leads/supports the 2nd grade teacher team to foster relationships that are inclusive and collaborative.  The team is a group of new teachers who benefit from her support.-Analyzing tier 1 and 4 writing, looking at commonality and hone in on what we can do for writing paragraph next time Roar Buck Store – Bell – reimagining PBIS difficulty getting toys in the school, vendors aren’t doing business with DOE, Stevens found 2 new vendors, started ordering new supplies, have students from Early Childhood purchasing toys, but the higher grades don’t have enough prizes , after break we should have more toys and start flowing. 
-CBO having a resource fair for parents  -today coming to the school. will be in the basementdon’t want that many people coming into the school for safety of the students 
-We couldn’t have it outside due to weather, so we did it in basement, otherwise we would need to cancel , connie wanted all to be aware
Lea (CBO update) representing a real range , single stop program – can sign up for every benefit at one placeHousing Council NY  Psychotherapy begins at 8:20, offering breakfast toorain may deter some from coming 
-Based on the needs assessment – we are aspiring to meet the goals in areas displaying dismal or moderate results. (Hence, the wellness resource fair for parents)
GOOD NEWS-Do not need to fill out needs assessment again until the year after, this is now an analysis phase
Virtual workshops in January for those who couldn’t make it today

Next meeting  January 10th, student govt should attend 
Family FridayWinter Wonderland