January 24th

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January 24, 2023.PDF

Minutes Minutes from January 10, 2023 were reviewed and approved
District 19 ELA Data

-Two district benchmarks give throughout the year (December and in March)

 District 19 school benchmark results graph 
-ELLs are showing a significant gap-3rd grade is lower than 4th and 5th grade

5th Grade:-most classes above 50% level 3s and 4s-Dual language class is lower than 50%; has been lower through the years
4th Grade:-Dual language is lower than other classes-SWDs performing higher than the grade average 
3rd Grade:-SWDs and ELLs are very close
Patterns/Trends:Dual Language classes are performing at a lower average-3rd grade is lower in 3s and 4s than 4th and 5th grade

District 19 Math Data

 District 19 total school results graph 

-4th grade higher than the other grades-Less of a gap between ELLS and SWDS
5th Grade:

 District 19 grade 5 benchmark results graph 

-Large gap between ELLs and SWDs-Dual language did better than one of the ICT classes
4th Grade:

 District 19 grade 4 benchmark results graph 

-SWDs are at 90% level 3s and 4s-ELLs show a gap at 60%

ELA and Math Support Based on Data

-Based on the District Assessment data

 information on teachers providing ELA and Math support 

-Support may change as we get closer to the assessment and as new data is analyzed

Register Projections Update -Looked at it closely-many students in process of being evaluated, but unclear of how it will turn out-After studying the projections for next year, PS 108 will agree with the projections; it will be in the best interest of our school-Reached consensus to agree with the projections
After School -beginning January 245th Grade: 5-411, 5-307, 5-402, 5-4124th Grade: 4-4043rd Grade: 3-312, 3-309Mixture of lower grade classes 2nd Grade: 304, 211, 2121st Grade: 110 and 109Kinder: 112, 101, 104, 102Enrichment programs (Running Club, Student Government, Chorus,  Stem, Cumbia, Art)
District Assessments  District 19 assessment window dates 
Per Session Eureka Math 2 Planning -beginning January 30, 2023-The Materials provided from the curriculum do not allow teachers to manipulate the slides and materials to display the lessons; does not include learning objective and success criteria-Every year the materials would need to be purchased-Consensus reached that this would be a great and beneficial opportunity for our staff
Teachers Pay Teachers -Resources that teachers can access and manipulate-Online component can be included-Met with a representative and is working on a deals with them-Consensus reached to purchase if the right deal is reached
IXL -Will be looking into what they can offer
Community Task Force Agenda:
Family Friday January Focus

Upcoming Initiatives

Wellness Committee Sub Committee Update

PBIS Rewards

Big Apple Teacher Nominations
District wanted us to state an initiative that is positively impacting our community:  it is the Community Task Force that we have named; this is what is positively impacting our community and students
Family Friday January Focus:-Parents suggested having MLK as a focus-CBO wanted to incorporate Dreamcatchers One Dreamcatcher per class
 Focus questions 
-List of possible resources shared with teachersEvery class will receive a bamboo ring with colored construction paper; will have yarn weaved through it already-class will add individual student aspirations, a class quote and any decorations that they want to add to it-Student, Mia, likes the dream catcher idea; she shared that she liked creating the December snowglobe; she got to connect with her class more because they worked as a class to create it
Upcoming Initiatives:-Respect for All Week-Student, Mia, shared that Student government will be making a video about what we love about PS 108K-A fundraiser for St Jude’s will be taking palace in the upcoming months; currently brainstorming how money will be collected -Food Drive in November: donated over 5oo pounds of food; food was donated to the Food Bank in the community-Toy Drive in December: donate toys to people in our community and school
Wellness Committee Sub Committee Update:-Regular Events have been taking place
 Wellness Events schedule 
-Events have been bonding events for the families-Resource fair was in the school basement with a variety of supports that are available to our families were highlighted-Virtual Nutrition and cooking workshop was held last week-this week a respiratory workshop will be held and a SNAPS Benefit workshop will be held-Small Bites club is in process; cooking clubs and parent workshops
-Healthy Heroes workshop is being looked into as well-Upcoming Events: Family Friday for April is to learn about plants and SustainabilityAdditional Resource Fair in the Spring (Emblem Health will be invited)
PBIS Rewards:-Student, Mia, stated that the prizes cost too much money and she hasn’t been able to exchange them yet-S. Bell shared that new prizes need to be available as well-iPads need to be distributed more frequently; need to have the opportunities to earn them from good behavior-Teachers shared that they would like access to more ROAR Bucks and would like to see them distributed more consistently
Big Apple Teacher Nominations:-Nominations are now open-Looking for Classroom Teachers-About doing above and beyond your regular job-If anyone on the Task Force has suggestions, please reach out
Next Meetings Next meeting:Wednesday, February 1, 2023PBIS/ROAR BuckJanuary Family Friday FeedbackFebruary Family Friday Project IdeasCommunity Resources to Come Into the Building