November 16th

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November 16, 2022.PDF

Minutes -Minutes from November 10, 2022 meeting reviewed and approved
Data:Grades 3-5 Fluency & Comprehension Tasks

SWDs did not do as well ; about a ten percent gapNot as many 1s; ELLs have numerous ELLsWhat proficiency level are the ELLs that were tested and underperforming

 Grade 4 F&C assessment data chart 

4th grade- The same individual classes are averaging the same, SWD’s didn’t score as high 10% gap. Trend:  Upper standards are area of focus3rd grade-

 Grade 3 F&C assessment data graph 

 F&C task #1 Grade 3 data graph 

-Similar to other grades in terms of level 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s-Slightly larger gap with ELLs-A. Suarez: there are more level 1s in every class; but definitely in the ELLs-Looking at the wording and phrasing of R.2 in 3rd grade

PTA Initiatives -Organize Picture Day-5th Grade Moving Up Ceremonies-Involvement in Festivals; Fall Festival will be next week-Parents co present workshops-R. Amadep will create a questionnaire about how parents/family members can contribute their talents and area of expertise with the students-Mystery Readers-L. Kixmiller shared that PTA will be having a table at the breakfasts; can collect ideas and contributions at the table-A. Suarez shared possibly having a parent involved in the grade take other parents under their wing and help navigate getting them involved; she currently does this with parents that may be new to the country; checks in with them about understanding the homework; possibly calling it the parent ambassadors-Parent ambassador could establish a group text or outreach with a group of parents; include chronically absent parents as well in this outreach; Chestnut Commons (basketball programs, music opportunities); Chestnut Commons will attend the resource fair-T. Allen will also be attending the resource fair
Ideas to Increase Significant Roles at PS 108K -J. Nunez has had parents/guardians videotape themselves and share how they would help their students at home-Possible Ideas for videos: reading at night, counting activities, question stems-M. Lopez shared Pre-K did “reading with your child” last month-A. Suarez shared that students are choosing books with their families at the bookfair
Community Task Force

Fall Festival:-Community Service Committee has been working on several ideas for this month: Fall Festival and Thanksgiving Baskets-Booths for Fall Festivals; all linked to developmental areas and standards: candy corn ring toss, the apple challenge,scarecrow bean bag toss, photo booth, ring toss, Thanksgiving Craft, Hopscotch Game, Potato Sack Race, EstimationJar-Volunteer Schedule: staff, student government, and parent volunteers are being sought after to run boothsParent Volunteers: Maryobi, A. Suarez will reach out to some parents as well; R. Amadeo has parent volunteers as wellDate was chosen as a motivation for attendance as well G. DiPierno: Do we know what time each grades are going?

Assets and Needs Survey Results:

 Survey results 

 Survey results graph and anaylsis 

 Survey result graphs 

 Survey result graphs and information 

-Scored very well in the school based areas-Area of needs were with broader community services and partnerships-Next meeting will look at areas of need for those risk areas and brainstorm possible ideas to enhance those areas-Multiple sources of data have shown that our area of need is in Health and Wellness areas; which is why Cypress Hills (director L. Kixmiller) has taken over the Wellness Committee to lin our community to the resources-Have begun with Housing workshops, Vision and glasses, dentist-Teachers, students, and parents all support the CBO in this effortFour Focus of Wellness committee:-Climate and Risk Awareness-Connection to Resources-Physical and Nutritional Health-SEL and Mental Wellness-Need to continue to develop what all stakeholders are doing in all areas to support this

 Graph of information about community services 

Lea KixMiller November Family Friday:-Will take place this Friday; at the community center on November 21 there will be two full dinners for those in need; they have requested for students to contribute decorations for the event-Drawing of leaves; students will hand draw the leaves; leaves can be colored and painted; in the center would write what students are thankful and grateful for-Real leaves can be shared with students as an example-J. Nunez and M. Lopez shared how they create leaves in their 3K & Pre-K classrooms

Next Meeting Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 29 (Community Task Force)-Assets & Needs Assessments and Ideas-Feedback on Family Friday and Festival-Feedback on Visit