October 28th

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October 28, 2022.PDF

Minutes -Minutes from October 18, 2022 meeting reviewed and approved
Data: Grades 3-5 NWEA ELA MAP & Grades 3-5 ELA

 Grade 5 ELA item analysis graphic 

Why might this have been our lowest standard?-Science based diagram; did not use the text feature; may not understand what the choices were

 Grade 4 NYS ELA analysis infographic 

Why might this have been our lowest standard (4.6)?-a structure question; informational text

 Grade 3 NYS ELA item analysis infographic 

Why might this have been our lowest standard (3.2)?-central message/theme; create multiple choice questions during Wit & Wisdom; embed a new strategy for main idea

 Overall school ELA data chart 

Notices:-Majority of students in grades 3 & 5 are level 1s-Similar number of level 2s in all grades-Similar number of level 3s & 4s in all grades-National online assessment, adapts to the students levels depending on how they answer Action PLan:F&C Tasks

Current Students ELA Data Analysis-2021 NWEA Compared to NYS ELA

 Current Students ELA Data Analysis chart 

NWEA in the Spring will have an approximate 45% accuracy in predicting the NYS ELAF&P in February compared to NYS ELA

 Rate of accuracy F&P NYS ELA data chart 

-With SWD, NWEA was a bit more accurate-Writing component in the NYS ELA (which could either bring a group of students higher or lower depending on the student)

Family Friday- October Will take place this afternoon; same times as last month-Pumpkin decorating contest based on characters from a book-Each child completes their brainstorming sheet and then decide as a class which decoration idea they will use-Judges will select winners this afternoon
PTC November 3, 2022- Will take place virtuallyAfternoon Session:  12:20PM-2:20PMEvening Session:  4:30PM- 7:30PM
PTA- Picture Day & Initiatives Picture Day:-C. Santiago said the process was very smooth-Staff picture may need to be retaken
Fundraisers-Are we still interested in using the company from the previous years; as long as students are reminded to not sell door to door-Our school will look into selling items through the digital code-We will not hold the kickoff assembly for itMoving Up:Monday, June 26, 2022 at John Adams High SchoolCelebration will be planned but can be held at one of the restaurants in the area-May need to pay for a bus at the end of the celebration to return to the school3K/Pre-K:Hold in the auditorium Consensus reached for air conditioning in the auditorium
Principal Message Thank you message for Principal Appreciation Week
Next Meeting Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 16, 2022Wellness Committee: November 1, 2022