September: 20th

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September 21, 2022.PDF

Agenda Item Discussion
SLT Bylaws: -Reviewed all bylaws; 5 members from each constituency-Reviewed Roles:Chairperson is Jenn PersaudSecretary is Kristy HigueraFinancial Liaison is Jenn PersaudTime Keeper is Jodi DePasqualeFacilitator is Jenn Persaud-Terms will be up in the Spring (2 year term limits)Length of the term limits will be revised to reflect two year limits-By laws were approved
D19 Priorities  Graphic with District 19 Priorities 
-Implementing Writing through Social Studies Units-Implementing mood meter and refer to it throughout the day and lessons-SEL assemblies, Wonder Project
Vision Statement:District 19 school communities and partners will work together to provide our scholars and families with academic, social/emotional resources and offer support to foster learning inside and outside of the traditional classroom in order to ensure access to high quality learning opportunities. Our Scholars will be equipped with the skills needed to move towards mastery, excel at the next level and expand their knowledge of technology as we work to close the opportunity gap and sustain students’ path towards college and career readiness. 

Mission Statement:District 19 school communities will facilitate, engage and support scholars’ learning in a cognitively challenging learning environment. We will use a variety of innovative resources to facilitate developmentally-appropriate instruction that is tailored to meet all scholars’ individual learning needs. Our schools will continue to provide a safe, caring, personalized learning environment by embedding social/emotional structures and mental health supports to address the challenges scholars and families are facing and promoting the wellness of all.​
PS 108K Mission Statement

P.S.108K’s school community is committed to the academic, social, and emotional success of every child through (by way of) or (embedding) 21st century learning through a growth mindset providing  a cognitively challenging learning environment so our students are college and career ready .  We will accomplish this collaboratively with families, members of the community and staff by working together with data-driven, shared goals to impact each and every student to ensure equity for all.
Providing digital platforms/tools to ensure that staff, families, and students embrace the Next Generation learning standards despite obstacles and challenges they may encounter on the journey.
Persevering and developing a growth mindset that will empower our students to be effective future leaders in the digital age.
Providing social and emotional learning by delivering knowledge through culturally responsive teaching to equip our students with effective strategies of positive attitudes, skills to manage their emotions and knowledge to be successful members of society.  Providing opportunities for students, families, teacher’s and the community to have a voice in making school-wide decisions. 
Revisions:-it is a bit wordy-Some of the ideas are repetitive in the bullet points-adding college and career ready -remover bullet points

 Slidedeck of PS 108K's mission statement 

PS 108K Vision Statement The vision of P.S.108K is to collaboratively educate the whole child in partnership with families- intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially through high quality learning opportunities, so they become life-long learners and our future leaders.
Revisions:Our vision statement must be operationalized in our building.  -Added what was in yellow highlights
PS 108K Priority Focus To create a learner-centered environment where all teachers plan opportunities for students based on data  to use content-based rubrics or success criteria to promote discussion and provide feedback by embedding UDL, differentiation, SDI, and enrichment and cultural relevance as appropriate into core instruction.Revisions:Need to include how it is by measured
NYS ELA Data  Chart of 2022 NYS Assessment for ELA 
-Grade 4 was  our highest performing grade-Level 1s from throughout the year had moved to level 2s-ELLs and SWDs are both below 30%, not as large a gap between the subgroups-What would our percentage of non ELL/Non SWD percentage be?District average was about 35%PS 108 Ks average is 48%
NYS Math Data  2022 NYS Math Assessment data chart 
-SWDs have a higher percentage in math as compared to ELA-Less 1s, more in grade 4 however-ELLs significantly lower that overall and SWD percentage
F & P Data  September 2022 F&P data  
How does this compare with NYS Data?-Overall percentage is pretty close-SWD is comparable-ELL data is higher on NYS than 
Next Meeting Friday, September 30, 2022Virtual Family FridayPS 108K Priority FocusPS 108K Mission StatementPS108K Vision StatementCEP GoalsNYS ELA 2019 vs 2022NYS Math 2019 vs 2022