September 20, 2023

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PS108K Bylaws

PS108K Bylaws
Reviewed Bylaws
Nominated and Reached Consensus on Roles and Positions

Nominated Chairperson:
J. Persaud
Second: J. Messina

Financial Liaison:
J. Persaud (nominated by J. Persaud)
Second: R. Amadeo

J. DePasquale
Second: J. Rini

PS 108K Vision Changes made:
The vision of PS 108K is to collaboratively educate each child intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially, with families as our partners, through high-quality literacy learning opportunities so they graduate with the skills needed to reach their full potential as they develop into our future leaders
PS 108K Priority Focus To create a learner-centered environment where all teachers plan opportunities for each students to use content-based rubrics or success criteria so each student takes ownership of their learning through self-monitoring & choosing strategies that work best for them which will lead to improved student outcomes in reading and writing by educators embedding UDL, differentiation, SDI, and enrichment, and cultural relevance as appropriate in daily instruction. 
PS 108K MIssion Statement P.S.108K's school community is committed to educating each child by embedding 21st century learning through a growth mindset, providing a cognitively challenging learning environment so our students are college and career ready. We will accomplish this collaboratively with all stakeholders by utilizing data-driven, shared goals to impact each and every student to ensure equity and wellness for all.
Equity Statement Consensus reached to remain the same
Literacy Vision Our literacy vision at PS 108K is to create a community of lifelong literacy learners who possess a joy for reading, writing, listening, and speaking confidently. We believe that literacy is at the heart of all learning and is fundamental to each student's success.
CEP Goals Reviewed CEP Goals
Specific area to focus on in literacy goal focusing on Main Idea
All our work on the SLT will be around these goals and our progress monitoring

Reviewed the budget for each position; salaries are not a direct match
Part Time Social Worker
New School Psychologist

OTPS Purchases
LETRS training as a result of our work with Consultant Susan Rolander and research she suggested; consensus reached to continue the training
Adapt Training in Eureka Math2 -, consensus reached to continue training
Reached consensus on continuing with our Math Consultant

Our ELA and Math scores increased as a result of our math and literacy instruction; we want to continue the training in Math

Arts: Consensus reached to use funding to bring Arts Programs to our students
Chess (Pawn)
Drums (Musical IQ)

Additional Promethean Boards purchased
Two boards in our ICT classrooms
Movement of Promethean boards from room to room
Digital Access to Wit & Wisdom

Title 1 Parent Engagement Funds: Consensus reached for spending
To be completed with R. Amadeo
School Website

Pre-K Funds
3K Funds

Title III
Provided for ELL
20% for materials and supplements for classroom
Bilingual materials in Science

Kindergarten Stepping Up
Phonics for Reading

Consensus was reached on Allocation of Budget

ARPA Arts Funding Moved to the agenda for next meeting
Meeting Dates

September 22, 2023

October 3, 2023
October 11, 2023
October 24, 2023

Next Meeting  Next Meeting will be held on Friday, September 22, 2023
Equity Statements
ARPA Arts Funding
Meeting Dates